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  • Housekeeper

    Residence Inn Short Pump at the Notch
    Job Description
    JOB DESCRIPTION – Housekeeper
    Reports to: Assistant Executive Housekeeper and/or Executive Housekeeper
    Overall Health and Safety Summary – in accordance with the State of Virginia VOSH mandate, each task below has a corresponding Exposure Risk Level as defined by the new Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) which can be found at www.doli.virginia.gov.
    All Tasks Assigned in the below JOB DESCRIPTION have been given a LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH or VERY HIGH Emergency Temporary Risk (ETS) assessment, as mandated by VOSH, based on 7 main factors: task itself, work environment, # of people in relation to size of area, working distance, duration and frequency of possible exposure, hazards encountered, and possible presence of a virus.
    Your specific hotel BRAND training addresses most VOSH requirements and will be assigned you accordingly Those training modules as well as the specific job tasks below make the whole of your Job Description. Additional training may be assigned as needed or required by either Federal, State, Local, Brand or Company directives.  
    PRIME DIRECTIVE: Guest Satisfaction & Safety, Employee Satisfaction & Safety, and Fiscal Responsibility is the pillar on which a hotel company thrives. Every employee, regardless of his or her position, accepts responsibility for the above 3 pillars.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Each associate will adhere to a strict code of providing excellent and consistent service through Brand Directed Initiatives.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Acknowledge and greet ALL guests within 15 feet of you and engage with them within 6 feet of you.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Be prepared to answer guest questions regarding the hotel, facilities and services. If unable to answer question, seek a co-worker who can.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Courteously accommodate special request of guests. If unable to accommodate, seek a supervisor who can.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Coordinate with other departments to fulfill special guest requests.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Take action to solve guest problems/complaints using appropriate service recovery guidelines
    • LOW Exposure – Complete all BRAND Service Training modules assigned to you.
    • MEDIUM Exposure – Wipe down and sanitize all equipment which you will be using during the course of your shift on a regular basis.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Know and follow hotel emergency procedures according to Hotel and Brand Standards.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Practice safe work habits, particularly with regard to lifting techniques and proper handling of cleaning products.
    • MEDIUM EXPOSURE - Locate and understand Material Safety Data Sheets and protocols for accidental chemical spillage or exposure.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Follow established hotel safety protocols and procedures at all times. Immediately report any safety incident to your Supervisor, the General Manager or the Manager on Duty.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Follow proper key control procedures for issued keys, or keys left by guests in room/suite.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Bring all lost and found items to the Executive Housekeeper, Manager on Duty and/or General Manager for secure storage.
    • LOW Exposure - Operate equipment in a correct and safe manner.  Immediately report   malfunctioning equipment to your Supervisor.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - During any Health Emergency (i.e. Covid19 pandemic), all employees are required to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to Federal, State or Local mandate, Brand standards or hotel policy.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - During any Health Emergency, any associate performing work in the hotel public space will adhere to strict cleaning and social distancing guidelines.
    • LOW Exposure - Use any communication device in which a guest can hear you in a professional manner and at a volume level that is not too loud as to disturb guests or others.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Work as part of a team and communicate with other departments as per hotel procedures to ensure excellent quality and service
    • MEDIUM Exposure – Attend, participate and /or facilitate in department or hotel meetings as directed.
    • LOW Exposure – Complete reporting specific to your job description as directed in a timely and accurate way.
    • LOW Exposure - Create and maintain positive, professional working environment with fellow co-workers as well as guests.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - All other reasonable duties and special projects as assigned.
    • LOW Exposure – Participate in ALL training modules assigned with the objective of passing the course as required of the Brand.

    Facility Maintenance
    • MEDIUM Exposure – Attend Daily “stand up” meetings and review important directives for the day as well as ensure you are in uniform and have a name tag.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Clean assigned suites promptly and efficiently.  This includes changing linen, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming carpet, washing dishes, removing trash, and dusting furniture.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Place and restock useable items in the room/suite including paper items, soap, towels, and other amenities.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Clean guest room/suite entry areas and windows.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Maintain housekeeping cart in an orderly fashion, and restock daily.
    • LOW Exposure - Operate housekeeping equipment in a correct and safe manner.  Immediately report   
    • malfunctioning equipment to the Executive Housekeeper or Housekeeping Manager.
    • LOW Exposure - Complete maintenance work orders and deliver to designated area in a timely manner.
    • MEDIUM Exposure - Bring all lost and found items, as well as unreturned VCR tapes, to the Executive Housekeeper’s office for storage.
    • LOW Exposure - Immediately report to the manager any unusual situation in the guests’ room/suite, including unreported pets, parties in the suite, missing items, exceptionally dirty room/suites or a vacant suite when the room is thought to be occupied.
    • LOW Exposure - Respect the privacy and protect the security of guest personal belongings and property.
    • MEDIUM Exposure – Follow the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Checklists assigned to you by your Supervisor.
    Brand Knowledge & Adherence
    • LOW Exposure - Maintains knowledge of product and service quality standards for the Brand.
    • LOW Exposure - Ensures adherence to Brand standards.
    Please forward questions and resumes to Brian Sciberras or Ted McCowan via brian.sciberras3@marriott.com or ted.mccowan@marriott.com    
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