• August Classes at Community College Workforce Alliance

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      August 2019
    Sail Into a New Season
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    As summer floats away, August brings an opportunity to enhance your work skills or train for a new career. CCWA has worked with thousands in the Greater Richmond region to launch new careers in high demand industries. Cruise into fall with courses in technology, communication, trades, business management and much more. Registration is open for August courses.
      Certification Courses beginning in August:
    National Retail Certification in Customer Service & Sales
    Multiple dates in August
    Truck Driver Training (CDL)
    Multiple dates in August
    Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification
    Begins August 26
    Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)
    Begins August 27
    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
    Begins August 27

    August 7
    Excel 2013 - Level 2

    August 8
    Excel 2013 Power View Reports & Data Models

    August 19
    Excel 2013 Pivot Tables & PowerPivot Tools

    August 19
    Introduction to SQL

    August 20
    Advanced WordPress

    August 21
    SharePoint Essentials - Level 2

    August 23
    Excel 2016 - Level 3

    August 28
    Excel 2013 Macros & Forms

    August 29
    Intermediate Adobe InDesign

    free training
    FREE MT1 Course
    Begins August 26th (Evening)

    CCWA Online Programs
    Many Early August Start Dates

    Develop an Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy
    August 7
    Learn the 5 key steps to implementing an AI strategy for your business. Most businesses appreciate the importance of AI, but it is often difficult to create the internal change necessary to take advantage of new and emerging technologies. This class will teach you a process to embrace AI and create the transformation within your organization to leverage its strengths and execute your vision.
    For more information or to register

    Grammar Workshop
    August 13
    This workshop explores grammar and punctuation rules as they apply to business correspondence. You’ll review the parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, verbs and their tenses, and good sentence structure. You’ll learn rules you’ve forgotten, rules you never learned, and rules that have changed. This workshop is an absolute MUST for anyone who writes or proofs letters, memos, emails, and other business communications.
    For more information or to register

    Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to the MBTI
    August 20
    The workshop features fun, focused activities that let you experience MBTI Type in action. Understanding others will enable you to utilize and appreciate their tendencies while understanding your tendencies will enable you to use them effectively and avoid interpersonal land mines.
    For more information or to register

    Managing Job Stress
    August 21
    This workshop will focus on managing your own stress level before helping with others. Learn the impact that stress has on workplace productivity and effectiveness. Learn to become more aware of your stress and new strategies for handling it.
    For more information or to register

    Constructive Conflict Resolution
    August 22
    This workshop covers more productive conflict resolution techniques, starting with how to identify your own conflict reaction style through creating conflict solutions that all parties can support. The approach calls for conflict to be viewed as a unique problem solving opportunity, in which a variety of tools can help maintain that focus.
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