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About Us

The Goochland County Chamber of Commerce is membership-based, volunteer-led, nonprofit community organization of business and professional people who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic and commercial progress of our community.

Our members represent every career stage and every kind of enterprise – entrepreneurs, nonprofits, young professionals, experienced executives, and everyone in between.

Our History

The Goochland County Chamber of Commerce is a member organization with nearly 300 member businesses and organizations.  The Chamber was started in 1977 as an advisory committee put together by the Board of Supervisors called Business Development Committee.  Dr. Robert J. Gryms, Jr. served as the Secretary of this Committee.  In 1979, our bylaws and Constitution were adopted and Dr. Gryms became the Executive Secretary.  Dr. Gryms was instrumental in the founding and organization of the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber table

Since our formation in 1979, we have long standing commitments from our Board Members and staff.  Our first Executive Secretary was Dr. Robert Grymes, Jr from 1977 until 1981.  Marian Elam took office in 1981 and held the position until 2005.  The position title changed from Executive Secretary to Executive Director during Mrs. Elam’s term.  Prior to her holding the position, she was a volunteer and instrumental in the formation of the Goochland County Chamber of Commerce with Dr. Gryms.  In 2005 Doris Elderman assumed the role of Executive Director.  She came to Goochland County from Pennsylvania and had prior chamber experience.  Mrs. Elderman held the role of Executive Director until 2010 when Mrs. Bonnie Creasy stepped into the role.  Mrs. Creasy started as a Chamber Member, served on the Board of Directors, and then moved into the role of Executive Director in 2010.  Her experience of establishing and owning a service based business in Goochland County has brought new resources and skill sets for our members. In 2022, after 12 years of strong leadership, Creasy retired.

Carol Taylor took on the role as Executive Director in May of 2022.  She has years of experience working in the Chamber industry as well as marketing and real estate expertise.